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Will Drying Clothes Kill Bed Bugs? - Colonial Pest Control

Washing will kill some of the bed bugs, but it is the heat of drying that will kill any remaining bed bugs. With a few common-sense practices, you can easily disinfest clothes and ensure these items do not become bed bug hiding places as you remove bed bugs from the rest of your home.

Use a powerful steam cleaner to kill bed bugs in carpet. Step #2: Steam Clean. After vacuuming, it's important to give your carpet a steam treatment to kill the bugs, eggs, and nymphs still remaining. A basic bed bug carpet cleaner isn't enough to kill the bugs because the machine simply won't get hot enough.

Fortunately, a conventional clothes dryer can kill bed bugs. This is good news since it is so hard to kill bed bugs , even with pesticides. High temperatures will kill many insects, and bed bugs are no exception.

Set your dryer to a minimum temperature of 113°F and leave infested items in the dryer for at least 90 minutes to ensure that all the bed bugs are eliminated. However, to kill the eggs of bed bugs, you should set a higher temperature of 175°, this temperature also kills adult bed bugs and nymphs within 20 minutes only.

I don't have a clothes dryer, or a car actually, and he did say as I have such a small scale infestation (he said it could be that the infestation is about to begin if eggs are about to hatch) it might not be necessary to wash and dry all my clothes on such a high heat. But I'm going to do it anyway, just to be sure and put my mind at ease.

There are pesticides available in stores to get rid of bedbugs, but killing bedbugs with a hair dryer-- though time-consuming-- is a safer, cost-efficient alternative. Set the hair dryer to the highest heat setting. Bed bugs cannot survive at a temperature greater than 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn the dryer on.

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