Kill Bed Bugs On Luggage

Bed Bug Aerosol Egg Kill - PF Harris - Approved for Luggage & Clothes

There is good evidence that washing items on the hot cycle will kill bed bugs. However, one of the ways that the bugs like to travel is in the seams of your luggage, and there was no way to launder my whole suitcase

Spray the suitcase inside and out, including inside the pockets, with bed bug insecticidal spray. Make sure the spray also kills bed bug eggs. Place the suitcase in another tightly sealed plastic

How to get rid of bed bugs in luggage. If you have an opportunity, you can also heat these items to 45°C for the same effect. After the washing and temperature treatments, vacuum clean your belongings including all clothes, bag and suitcase. A thorough vacuum cleaning will remove all dead or remaining bed bugs.

In hotel rooms, use luggage racks to hold your luggage when packing or unpacking rather than setting your luggage on the bed or floor. Try to keep luggage away from bed. Upon returning home, unpack directly into a washing machine and inspect your luggage carefully. Remember that time in a dryer at high temperatures kills the bed bugs (just washing will generally not kill bed bugs). Store suitcases away from your bedroom, such as in the basement or garage.

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Heating infested furniture or the entire apartment to a very high temperature—more than 100 degrees, in most cases—will kill bed bugs. If you have a hand-held steamer, blast cracks and crevices.

Bed Bug Aerosol Egg Kill - PF Harris - Approved for Luggage & Clothes
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