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All About Bed Bugs - What To Do - Pictures, Video and Brochure

Bed Bug Spray On "Steroids" Protects Your Family Without Toxic Chemicals? "I am taking time to write this to enlighten folks who are or have never experienced a bed bug infestation. There is no way that I can make this a real short story but I think you might be interested in something that you think could never happen to you.

BUY DO IT YOURSELF BED BUG HEATERS at With our simple 110 volt bed bug eradication systems.. "Just Push in the Plugs. and Kill the Bugs." Call us at 1-877-375-0005 or visit

It can heat up to 120 degrees, which is the needed temperature to kill bed bugs eggs, nymphs and adults. When the heat cycle concludes, take out your stuff and put it either in storage, or some kind of air tight seal to ensure bed bugs can't infest. This alone could save you $1,000s of dollars.

Laundering Items to Kill Bed Bugs (.pdf) Washing clothes and bedding is a simple and cheap method of killing all bed bugs. It is a very important part of both do-it-yourself bed bug control, and when you have professional pest control company apply insecticides.

I conquered them [DIY heat treatment] (11 posts) That's because killing bed bugs effectively with heat is tricky. DIY treatment for bed bugs is possible, but heat treatment is not a DIY job. Please do not attempt do-it-yourself heat treatment.

Using Heat to Kill Bed Bugs Dini M. Miller, Ph.D., Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech Introduction Bed bugs are an incredibly difficult pest to control because they are so good at hiding in tiny cracks and crevices.

All About Bed Bugs - What To Do - Pictures, Video and Brochure
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