Known Bed Bug Hotels

Bed Bug Hotels, Mini Art Installations Warn Travelers of Infested Lodging

Once thought to be eradicated from North America, the legendary little pests known as bed bugs have been making an unwelcome comeback in hotels and homes. Lest you think bed bugs are relegated to fleabag motels, they have been spotted in the posher locales as well

In some cases bed bugs are unknowingly brought into hotels in luggage, clothing, blankets and pillows from hotel guests. Hotels with high turnover are especially vulnerable to infestation. No hotel is immune to a bed bug infestation. Several steps may be taken to reduce the incidence of bed bugs in a hotel:

Hotels, even the best kept hotels in the world, can end up with bed bugs. How the hotel handles complaints and how fast they act to treat their room is what's important. Unfortunately, there are a number of hotels that place blame on the visitor rather than pay for an integrated pest management program (IPM) that treats monthly.

Packing for a Bed Bug Ridden World. Before you even leave home, there are certain things you can do to reduce your chances of having bed bugs hitch a ride. Because as awful as the bites are, bringing the bugs home with you could lead to an all out nightmare. When choosing hotels or hostels, check Hopefully any hotel on the

Common Law. Under common law, the hotel manager has a responsibility to use reasonable care to promote your safety as a guest. Bedbugs pose a well-known hazard to personal safety; bites can cause

If your hotel room has bed bugs, the Bed Bug Law team go over what you need to do ensure you are safe and go over options for compensation due to injuries.

Bed Bug Hotels, Mini Art Installations Warn Travelers of Infested Lodging
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