Lemongrass Oil To Kill Bed Bugs

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Control bed bugs with EcoLogic Bed Bug Killer Aerosol, formulated with lemongrass oil to kill by contact. Spray on mattresses, bed frames, suitcases and more. This formula has been tested for effectiveness and is safe to use around children and pets.

Just like the tea tree oil, the lavender oil can kill bed bugs if you spray it directly to the pests. Although there's no study that specifically proves that lavender is an effective bed bug repeller, it contains a toxicity level that can be as effective as other essential oils known for getting rid of bed bugs ( 3 ).

Seven of the natural products tested did not manage to kill even ½ (50%) of the bed bugs sprayed, measured by dead bugs 10 days later. Percentage of bed bugs that died within 10 days after treatment.

5 Most Effective Essential Oils for Bed Bugs 1. Lavender ( where to get it) This floral, slightly herby and fragrant oil has a lovely strong 2. Tea tree ( where to get it) Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, 3. Thyme ( where to get it) Care should be exercised with some essential oils

While many different essential oils work as home remedies for bed bugs, lemongrass is one of the most potent. In addition to killing the adult bugs, it's one of the few remedies that also kill their eggs. According to one study, it is just as effective as commercial pesticides, just without the harmful chemicals.

Spray your home with this EFFECTIVE essential oil blend to kill bed bugs and sleep better at night. Essential Oils To Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Tea Tree Oil: But the essential oil is acidic and, like lemongrass, is something bugs just can't stand.

8 Kill Bed Bugs Home Remedies Natural Treatments & Cures Search Home Remedy
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