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TOP-5 best bed bug mattress covers review

We were sent this mattress by a distributor of Linenspa products in order to produce our review. But as always, all opinions are purely our own. What base should I use my Linenspa 10" Latex Hybrid with? There are three main requirements for a good base for your Linenspa 10" Latex Hybrid Mattress. First, it needs to be supportive.

If you don't have an infestation, but know that other households in the area have suffered, a mattress encasement prevents bed bugs from getting into the mattress in the first place. You'll have to cover both the mattress and the box spring.

A Review of 5 Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof, Dust Mite Proof, Bed Bug Proof Breathable Mattress Protector - Queen Size Here is the leader of our rating, a #1 Best Seller in the Mattress Encasements category on rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.

The only mattress protection that keeps out bed bugs is a true mattress encasement that completely encloses the entire mattress — top, bottom, and the four sides. Any other mattress cover is only for spills or dust mites. For bed bugs, you need six-sided protection.

Every feature of the Linenspa mattress protector is exactly as described. It's one of the best encasements you can invest in if your home is infested with bed bugs, scabies mites, and allergens. This mattress protector has a thin profile.

Bed bugs are infamously difficult to get rid of and even if you have sealed off the mattress, chances are there are others lurking elsewhere. For this reason, it is important to encase not only the mattress but the pillows too. Best bed bug mattress encasements to buy, reviews and buyers guide:

TOP-5 best bed bug mattress covers review
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