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5 Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs With Second Hand Furniture HowStuffWorks

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CAUTION: Prepare for the heebie jeebies! Not safe for children's ears. Hit the mute button! This huge friggin' guy had a bug fly in his ear. We thought it was a little white moth, but what came

For people living in multi-unit buildings or duplex housing, the threat of bed bug infestations is real. There's a high possibility for you to become infested when your neighbor has bed bugs. Bed bugs travel around 100 feet an hour and inseminate female usually looking for a new place to lay her eggs, and suddenly, you've got bedbugs in

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Check Common Hiding Places For Live Bed Bugs. Bed bugs are sneaky little things - they are masters at playing hide and seek. So you're going to have to be diligent about looking for them if you hope to spot them. They've been known to hide in beds, of course, which is why they got their name to begin with.

Bedbugs lurk in cracks and crevices and they've been living on human blood for centuries. Though they aren't known to transmit disease or pose any serious medical risk, the stubborn parasites can

5 Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs With Second Hand Furniture HowStuffWorks
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