Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment Guidelines

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Freezing is the newest and most effective treatment to kill bugs. This is a non-toxic pest control treatment that has been extensively used in Europe and Australia, and it was first introduced to America by a pest control company. It is a method to kill pesticide-resistant bugs and other pests through rapid freezing.

However, by diligently using the above steps, and most importantly, by repeating the treatment every few weeks, you can make sure you get rid of the bed bugs permanently. By taking preventative precautions afterwards, like keeping your home squeaky clean at all times, the bed bugs will stay away from your home forever.

Bed bug sprays will be one of the effective treatment methods that you need to employ along with any other technique of your choice (vacuuming, fumigation, etc). Without residual pesticide application bugs can travel freely and safely.

Provide training for staff to identify bed bugs, and to perform ongoing prevention actions as outlined in the IPM. When a community is at high risk for bed bugs (for example, if the community has experienced prior infestations), periodic building inspections are recommended. Actively engage residents in efforts to prevent bed bugs.

While Harris Pyrethroid Resistant Bed Bug Killer is available by the gallon, order the convenient 32-ounce spray bottle to keep handy and spritz bed begs at first sight. As with most bed bug products, this spray is most effective when used in conjunction with thorough cleaning and multiple treatment options.

Which is the most effective bed bug treatment? When it comes to bed bugs, there is no single treatment that will show definite or guaranteed results. The best way to handle bed bugs is to follow an integrated approach. Start by vacuuming the place thoroughly. Strip your beds off linen and sheets and wash everything that is washable in hot water.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
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