Movie Theater Infested With Bed Bugs

Couple claims Hollywood movie theater is infested with bed bugs

News reports about bed bugs in Movie Theater seats Recently, an American couple came home from a popular theater in Hollywood completely covered with insect bite marks, which they later found out, were due to bed bugs. They also ended up bringing home these bugs as they continued to experience bites night after night.

If there are enough bed bugs in the theater you are in, your nose may tell you. The scent from the glands of bed bugs produces a musty odor that resembles the smell of moldy clothes. By taking these simple precautions, you can prevent these hitchhiking bugs from returning home with you and turning your life into a scary movie.

The 15-theater movie house at the City Center has been cited for infestations of lice, mice and possibly bed bugs.

There are other conditions present in a movie theater that promote the infestation of bed bugs. Since we mentioned carbon dioxide, let's start with that one. When you fill a tiny room with a bunch of CO2 exhaling humans, the CO2 levels are going to rise. This may be one of the key reasons for the development of infestations.

ONTARIO, Calif. -- Disturbing cellphone video shows tiny bugs crawling all over the carpet at the AMC Theatres at the Ontario Mills Mall. Corey Virgilio recorded the disgusting footage while he

Movie Theaters You may catch more than a matinee at your local cineplex. With cushy, upholstered seats and plenty of human hosts, the movie theater is prime real estate for bedbugs looking for a meal. Limit the personal belongings you bring with you to avoid bringing home your own critter horror show.

Couple claims Hollywood movie theater is infested with bed bugs
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