North Carolina Bed Bug Lease Addendum

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Living in apt for 8 months. Suddenly found bed bugs - no idea how they got here. Notified LL immediately, exterminators came out and gave quote. Due to bed bug addendum on lease agreement, LL claims I have to pay full cost since they claim I must have brought them in. Is this legal or overstepping

In case of any conflict between the terms and conditions of the Residential Lease Agreement and this Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum, the provisions of this Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum shall prevail. Landlords may give this addendum to Tenants in addition to the state specific lease agreement. It specifies the terms the Tenant shall abide by.

BEDBUG ADDENDUM This document is an Addendum and is part of the Rental/Lease Agreement, dated between lease and knows of no bedbug infestation. Residents have an important role in preventing and controlling bed bugs. While the presence of bed bugs is not always related to personal

Bedbug Addendum . This agreement is an addendum and part of the rental agreement dated _____ between bed bugs congregate, as well as walls and furniture surfaces. Be sure to leave easy access to closets. 4.

Bedbug clause in lease? by Mrs. X (CO) on September 5, The problem is that bed bugs travel through the walls, so you can't prove who brought them into the unit. Landlord and Tenant agree that any violation of this addendum is a violation of the lease agreement between them. 4. Tenant has

Bed Bug Addendum The goal of this Addendum is to protect the quality of the rented unit's environment from the affects of bed bugs by providing sufficient information and instructions. It is also the goal of this Addendum to clearly Blood spots, bed bugs, and cast skins may be found on the

Rental Protection Agency - Consumer Protection Agency

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