Odors That Repel Bed Bugs

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Keep a bottle of basil essential oil in the first aid kit to treat wasp stings, and other bug bites. Basil also acts as a good insect repellent for flies and mosquitoes. Very effective using fresh leaves rubbed on skin. Bay Leaves Have a strong odor and a bitter taste. Bay leaves contain essential oils and a compound called Eucalyptol.

3 Ways to Repel Bugs Naturally. 374 I had forgotten how bad the mosquitos are at dusk and I hate bug spray, it smells terrible and I always have to shower before bed to get the smell off. Totally trying your lotion. It sounds like the perfect solution!

The smell of lavender makes a bed bug feel nauseous and can even lead to their death. Most humans, however, find the scent quite pleasant. Triple the effectiveness of this solution by washing items with lavender soap, spraying diluted essential oils and spreading leaves over affected areas.

Even if you still have bed bugs, the smell of lavender on your body will repel them and help keep you from getting bitten. If you're staying away from home and want to avoid bringing home bed bugs, lavender can help.

Plants That Repel Bugs, Rodents, and Insects If we speak about rodents, they are not easily frightened so you'd have to try hard to repel them from your house specifically with the help of plants. The grand majority of scientists fail to mention natural repellents as an effective means of eliminating rats and mice.

The male bed bugs also tend to secrete pheromones for attracting females and a mixture of all these odors contribute to bad bed bug smell in very large infestations. What to do about bed bug odor? The solution to getting rid of bed bug smell is to get rid of the infestation.Make sure that you discard all old mattresses and bedroom linen that

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