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Home Made Bed Bug Spray Reviews - Organic Treatments

In California, my homemade bug spray that uses essential oils worked for our bug repellent needs. But we're in Georgia now and temperatures are warming up - fast - and I'd like to have several all natural bug spray recipes in my back pocket that don't rely ONLY on essential oils, just in case we run out at the last minute!

Before you get desperate and spray on commercial bug sprays (that may contain some nasty chemicals), take some time to consider the better alternative; a natural DIY mosquito repellent that smells wonderful is effective and takes only minutes to whip up. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil as a Natural Homemade Insect Repellent

In a small spray bottle filled with water, add 10 drops peppermint oil, 10 drops clove oil, and 10 drops cinnamon oil. Spray in all joints, screw holes, and nooks and crannies where the bed bugs could be hiding. Also, treat mattress seams and other soft furnishings with the essential oil natural bed bug spray.

If you find signs of bed bugs, try the following natural ways to combat them. (If you don't find evidence of bed bugs, skip to the all-important step 9.) 2. Physically Remove the Ones You Can See. Wage war. Flick them out of crevices with a business card, crush them in a paper towel, vacuum them up, or catch them on sticky tape.

So I had a big incentive to find an all-natural bug spray I could make with my essential oils that would keep those bugs away from me. And if you'd like another option for keeping mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and other bugs away, try my recipe for essential oil bug repellent LOTION BARS. Unlike, most other recipes for "bug away" lotion

Fresh or Dried Herbs Bug Spray Instructions Boil 1 cup of water and add 3-4 tablespoons of dried herbs total in any combination from the above. I use 1 tablespoon each of peppermint, spearmint, catnip and lavender, and also throw in a couple of dried cloves. Mix well, cover and let cool (covering is important to keep the volatile oils in!)

Home Made Bed Bug Spray Reviews - Organic Treatments
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