Pesticide To Kill Bed Bugs

Kill bed bugs with Silica Gel. microscope zoom x 400 (no pesticide, they die within hours) - YouTube

Professional Bed Bug Chemicals - Most Effective Pesticides #1 Pyrethroids. These are synthetic chemicals that are poisonous to the bed bugs. #2 Pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are similar to pyrethroids only that they are natural they come from #3 Neonicotinoids. These compounds work in a very unique

Desiccants (chemicals that dry things out) can be particularly effective in some situations since they work by drying out the bug (which means the bed bugs can't develop resistance). If using desiccants, be sure to use only products registered by EPA as a pesticide .

Bed bugs can be found on buses, on subways, in taxis, in movie theaters, in libraries and many other areas. Large infestations and disturbances such as pesticide applications can cause bed bugs to spread to other areas of the home, or to neighboring apartments.

Temprid SC is a professional dual action pesticide. It can kill over 50 types of pests including bed bugs. Its active ingredients are two powerful insecticides: beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid. The former kills regular species while the latter will be able to deal with pyrethroid-resistant ones.

Pyrroles: Chlorfenapyr is the only pyrrole pesticide currently registered for use against bed bugs. The compound is a pro-insecticide, i.e. the biological activity depends on its activation to form another chemical. The new chemical disrupts certain functions in the bed bug's cells, causing its death.

Bed bug spray is an insecticide based spray that works great for bed bugs that you can see and spray directly, but has no effect on the majority that you can't. Most of the sprays will kill bed bugs that come into direct contact within a few minutes. Some sprays have a residual effect for up to 48 hours, which is great but can be hit or miss.

Kill bed bugs with Silica Gel. microscope zoom x 400 (no pesticide, they die within hours) - YouTube
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