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Bed bugs are a type of insect that feed on human blood, usually at night. Their bites can result in a number of health impacts including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Bed bug bites may lead to skin changes ranging from invisible, to small areas of redness, to prominent blisters.

ACTUAL SIZE BED BUG PICTURES. The bed bug's body size also varies through their lifetime. Nymphs or juvenile bed bugs range from the size of a bed bug egg (0.09 inches, 2.5mm) to the size of full adult bed bugs at ( 0.18 inches, 4.5mm). For reference, 0.1 inches is slightly over the thickness of a quarter. Adult bed bugs are approximately the size of an apple seed.

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Learn how to get rid of bedbugs (or bed bugs), and read about detecting signs of bedbug infestations in hotels, treating bites, signs and symptoms of bedbug bites, and see bedbug pictures.

Bed bug bites appear as red, itchy bumps on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders and are typically the first sign that you have be bugs. Does this picture of bed bug bites look familiar?

Insect and Spider Identification - Information and Pictures of North American Insects, Spiders, and Bugs. There are over 1 million identified species of insects and spiders in the world with many more still awaiting discovery.

Best Ways to Battle Bed Bugs EiEiHome
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