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Parasites: Lice, Scabies, and Bed Bugs OnCourse Learning Healthcare

Body lice are smaller in size than bed bugs; body lice are on average 3 to 4 mm (the size of a sesame seed), while bed bugs are 6 to 9 mm before feeding. Lice and lice nits may be visible, especially if you use a magnifying glass; however, bed bugs tend to hide and are more difficult to spot. Bed bugs may be detected during nighttime using a flashlight. Color

While bed bugs are commonly found in a home mattress and furniture, fleas usually infest furry hosts like cats and dogs.Bed bugs and fleas are both parasitic insects that can cause severe problems to humans, ranging from itchy bites or rashes to psychological effects. Fleas can even transmit infectious diseases.

If you're reading this article, then it's likely you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) a run in with bed bugs. To help you out, we've curated 53 of the best images and pictures of bed bugs I could find that showcase what a bed bug looks like so hopefully you can identify what it is that's pestering you.

What do head lice look like? Click through pictures of nits (eggs), nymphs, and adult head lice to learn more. Find information about Sklice Lotion, a prescription treatment for head lice. Find important safety information.

Bed bugs tend to enter the home on luggage, through shared bedding, or on used furniture. At around 1-7 mm, bed bugs are larger than lice, and a bed bug infestation can create an almond-like smell. A person may also see discarded exoskeletons in bedding. While body lice tend to bite during the day, bed bugs bite at night, when the host is

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Parasites: Lice, Scabies, and Bed Bugs OnCourse Learning Healthcare
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