Plants That Repel Bed Bugs

plants to repel bugs

Mint - Amazing Plant To Repel Flies and Mosquitoes Mint, whether spearmint or peppermint or any of the other varieties, keeps mosquitoes away. Its stems, leaves, and flowers all contain the aromatic oil that repels bugs.

The citronella mosquito plant is a genetically-engineered geranium hybrid with a unique characteristic - it repels mosquitoes! You can grow them as a potted patio plant, and it is popular for its attractive foliage and sweet lemony scent, as well as for its mosquito repelling powers.

8 Plants that Repel Bugs, Insects, and Pests I don't know about you but I HATE bugs! They just freak me out! It really doesn't matter what kind of bug- roaches, silverfish, spiders, mosquitos, fleas, beetles…. You name it and I HATE it! Especially bed bugs! I've never experienced bed bugs before but I was watching 20/20 a while back and

Here is a brief overview of some plants that repel bugs, insects and pests: Neem repels locusts. Extracts of neem leaves and neem fruits repel more than 200 species of mites, Lemongrass is an excellent natural mosquito repellent. Basil repels flies and mosquitoes. It is a good idea to plant

The plant scares away asparagus beetles, and it's also a broadly effective repellent for mosquitoes and flies. Although it requires quite a bit of water in hot climates, this household leafy herb is a useful agent against beetle populations, particularly asparagus beetles, mosquitoes, and houseflies.

If some plants repel bed bugs, it might make sense that there are some which attract them too. Lilies, for example, are known to attract house flies, as well as butterflies and bees. Solomon's Lily, the species with the largest flowers in the world, releases a scent that mimics the smell of rotting fruit to attract fruit flies.

plants to repel bugs
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