Prevent Bed Bugs After Travel

Bed Bug Guide – When and Where to Find Bed Bugs?

Prevent bed bugs from getting into your house: To prevent a transfer to your home, think about unpacking your luggage in the garage for safe measure. You don't want bed bugs to find new shelter within your house, so keep bags outside until you are sure none have traveled back home with you.

Encountering bed bugs while traveling can be a nightmare. It's right up there with getting robbed and contracting a tropical disease as one of the things we all hope will never happen to us. But just like other risks that come with travel, there are ways to reduce your chances and prevent these awful critters from getting the best of you.

The NPMA recommends the following tips for bed bug prevention when traveling: At hotels, pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, for telltale stains or spots. If you see anything suspect, notify management and change rooms/establishments immediately.

Go back to your empty suitcase and vacuum it both inside and out to remove bed bugs. Dispose the vacuum bag in a trash can that is outside . If the vacuum is bagless, dump the contents of the vacuum in a trash can outside .

This FAQ gives tips on how to avoid bed bugs when you travel and how to search for bed bugs and their signs in a hotel room. (The same techniques work for searching other rooms too.) First, learn specific steps for checking a room for bed bugs. Search for bed bugs in every room you sleep in.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling February 28, 2017 Bed Bugs , Travel bed bugs , How to Prevent Bed Bugs , travel , Traveling , vacation Jason There's no faster cure for the winter blues than looking forward to your upcoming tropical vacation.

Bed Bug Guide – When and Where to Find Bed Bugs?
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