Prevent Bed Bugs In Car

How to Prevent Bed Bugs: Identification and Prevention Tips

You don't want the bed bugs in your car to find their way to your home or workplace, so you need to nip the infestation in the bud. Bed bugs are highly susceptible to heat; exposure to at least 120 degrees will kill them in a matter of minutes, and 180 degrees or more will kill them on contact.

If you frequently visit clients who have bed bug infestations it is a good idea to keep a simple "bed bug kit" in your car. At the simplest level, this kit can consist of a plastic box, wet wipes, and large plastic bags. The following items may also be useful. A roll of tape (clear tape, such as packing tape works well)

Due to the complex nature of automobiles, the only true solution to the problem is to get your automobile fumigated by a licensed fumigation company. If this is done properly, is will be 100%

This is an easy way to get rid of bed bug eggs and larvae - you literally 'boil' the infested items in hot water. Wash all your clothes, linen, bed sheets and pillow covers in the washer-dryer operated at the highest heat setting. You can also dry the washed items outdoors in the sun.

One way to kill bed bugs is a thorough cleaning with heat. Remove and wash all things that can come out of your car—seat covers, rugs, etc. Put what you can in a dryer for 30-60 minutes. The washing machine together with heat from the dryer will not only kill the bed bugs but also any eggs that might be attached to them.

Bed bugs in the car are a common problem in majority of the bed bug infested cities in US. But worry not; you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know in order to take care of your 'bed bugs in the car' situation.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs: Identification and Prevention Tips
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