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Rubbing alcohol and ethanol: Although ethanol is an alcohol safe to drink, you can't taste it in this spray, as the rubbing alcohol makes it poisonous. Spray directly onto bugs for an instant killing effect, or onto all surfaces to kill eggs and prevent bed bugs from coming around.

How does alcohol kill bed bugs? Rubbing alcohol has a few properties that make it effective for killing bed bugs. Since it is a solvent, rubbing alcohol can kill the insects by dissolving the cells. Moreover, rubbing alcohol is a drying agent which means that it can destroy the eggs of the bed bugs by drying them.

Rubbing alcohol, 70% Isopropyl alcohol as well as 91% alcohol based sprays can be used effectively to get rid of large bed bug infestations. While most of these sprays can do the trick, expert entomologists recommend the use of Isopropyl alcohol in higher concentrations when dealing with bed bugs.

With that safety precaution in mind, here's how to use rubbing alcohol for treating a bed bug infestation. The simplest method is to fill a plastic spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Then spray the alcohol directly onto any visible bed bugs and into places you suspect they hide.

Rubbing alcohol is also a desiccant, or drying agent, so it can destroy bed bug eggs by drying them out. In addition, rubbing alcohol repels the bugs, discouraging them from crawling or laying eggs on a surface treated with the substance.

Does the smell of rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? Since alcohol is a solvent and can kill bed bugs by dissolving their cells and can also be a desiccant, in that it can kill bed bugs eggs by drying them out, this shows that the smell of rubbing alcohol can't kill bed bugs.

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