Setting Bed Bug Traps

Bed Bug Traps

One of the worst things you can do during a bed bug infestation is sleep on the floor. Bed bugs now have an all-access pass to your sleeping body, with no bed legs or frames to make the travel difficult. Worse yet, you have no options to block their travel with ClimbUp Interceptors or similar traps.

I saw some evidence on sheets of possible bed bugs, so I bought 8 traps and set them to find out for sure. My dog was alerted to the smell of the traps so I know they were working. After a week and a half, did not catch anything. I called in a professional who inspected and they Definitely found

Bed bugs survive by sucking on human blood, and as we spend a great deal of time asleep, our beds make us easy prey for bed bugs to feast on. In order to cut off any access to a bed bugs food supply, it is important to install bed bug traps.

Professional bed bug traps, or monitors, as they are often called in a scientific setting, are relatively new inventions, and are recommended as the first line of defense in bed bug management and prevention. As of now, there are three types of bed bug traps available on the market and it's important to discern the difference between them.

Product - Bed Bug Interceptors Bed Bug Trap 8 Pack Black. Revolutionary Design ensures NO Talcum Powder, Pesticides or Additional Products Needed. Most Reliable Bed Bug Traps on The Market.

Methods of Bed Bug Control: Traps. First of all, a bed bug trap is a preventative measure to protect you and your family from bed bugs. They are best used as tool to monitor if you have bed bugs, not as a bed bug killer (this is a common misconception).. Bed bugs are not fleas - they aren't able to jump long distances.

Bed Bug Traps
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