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88-year-old woman with 'rotting' leg dies, 3 charged WSYX

According to ABC news, kids are smoking dried up bed bugs to get high. Researchers say the chemicals inside the bugs travel to the pleasure cells of the brain and releases stimulants. Sources say the bed bugs have a hallucinogen inside of their make-up but there is not way to extract it, so the bugs are dried to either smoke or inject.

Smoking Bed Bugs Will Not Get You High. Photo: Steven Bed bugs do produce a variety of "I did the original ABC 15 dabbing interview to make parents aware that some kids are making butane

9 Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs Due to the recent increase in bed bug infestations, waking up to find a bug in your bedroom can cause loads of anxiety and worry. Before you start resorting to desperate measures, take some time to learn to recognize bed bugs and common bed bug imposters.

People are smoking bed bugs to get high, I wish I was kidding. Pest Control Finds A Swarm Of Bugs Crawling Under Owner's Bed & Their Whole Home! Woman rides through Ibiza totally naked on a red Ferrari. Donald Trump goes off on ABC News reporter, "You're a Sleaze"

Arizona kids are now crushing up bed bugs and smoking them because it makes you hallucinate. Bed bugs apparently secrete an active chemical that produces a feeling one curious guy said resembles

If you were like me, and thought that the idea of crushing, drying, and smoking bed bugs was not only repulsive, but just too crazy to be true, then you were right. This bed bug high report done by ABC 15 in Phoenix was just a hoax; an April Fools Day prank in fact.

88-year-old woman with 'rotting' leg dies, 3 charged WSYX
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