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Tenants' Rights in Dealing with Bed Bugs _____ Created by North Penn Legal Services (NPLS), February 2014 This guide provides general information. It should not considered legal advice because everyone's case is different and the law changes.

discuss bed bugs with tenants to educate them about prevention and to encourage immediate notification of a problem. Bed bugs are much easier to manage in the early stages of an infestation. Tenants must notify the landlord or manager immediately if they suspect a bed bug infestation. They avoid infestations, and they must do their part in the

Bed bug infestations had become so rare that many entomologists and This manual has been created as a guide and reference tool, and is specific to the laws and regulations of the State of Michigan. The target audiences are public agencies and private or

Some states have specific laws on the books about landlords'—and tenants'—duties regarding bed bug infestations. For example, state laws might require tenants to take steps such as: report a possible infestation within a certain time—usually 24-48 hours—after discovering it;

The laws vary greatly for each state with states that do not have an open carry law or require a permit to an outright ban on open carry. In the states that have no open carry law you will often find that the local authorities have ordinances in place to regulate the open carrying of firearms.

Some states have had laws regarding bedbugs, infestations, and their control since the early 1900s when bedbugs were a significant pest. Then, as bedbug infestations waned, so too did bedbug laws. But as the 21st century continues to see a resurgence of the tiny biting bugs, states began reassessing their laws, with many updating or adding new regulation.

Abu Obaida School Visit College of Law at AU

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