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SAFETY DATA SHEET SenSci Bed Bug Lure Page 2 of 4 INGESTION: Call a poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice.DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Lower the head when person is vomiting to minimize entry into throat and lungs. SECTION 5 - FIREFIGHTING MEASURES

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DIY Bed Bug Monitor - Sugar/Yeast C02 Trap Bed Bug TV set up the sugar/yeast carbon dioxide trap for bed bugs. This do-it-yourself bed bug monitor was developed at Rutgers University and has

Easy to use and cost-effective bed bug monitoring device which is effective at trapping bed bugs across the development cycle. For use as a continuous monitoring solution, for mapping the boundaries of an infestation and for confirming eradication after treatment.

Bed Bug Monitor Bed Bug Inn Aggregation odour monitors Attract harbourage-seeking bed bugs, by providing odours which mimic the aggregation pheromone found in the bug's usual harbourage. The bugs are retained on adhesive. Suterra monitor + lure Host mimic monitors Attracthost-seekingbugsby mimicking the bug's usual host, by providing heat, and/or CO , and/or

Pro Pest Bed Bug Monitor Trap is a discreet, yet very effective tool to detect and help get rid of bed bugs. It contains a unique bed bug attractant that's made from aggregation semiochemicals which imitates the human skin's scent, an odor that's irresistible to bed bugs.

TRAPPER MC Pest Monitor - Exterminator Toronto

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