Tea Tree Oil And Bed Bugs

Scents That Bed Bugs Hate - Available Ideas

Once the bite is clean, apply 1-3 drops of tea tree oil with a cotton swab directly to the bite. It's important to saturate the area with tea tree oil. This will get deep into the infection, cleanse it and cure it quickly.

Tea Tree Oil to the Rescue A lot of essential oils have been known to repel these pests, but one seems to work better than the rest: tea tree oil. This oil is strong, and while its pungent smell may turn away bugs, it's not filled with harsh chemicals that you wouldn't want around your pets or children.

We do not recommend the use of tea tree oil to treat bed bugs. First, the oil can cause human skin irritation, making it unsafe for general family use. The product is also toxic to cats and pets.

Bed bugs don't like tea tree oil, but in order to kill them, you'd have to use tea tree oil in its undiluted form. You can't do that, however, without taking the chance of harming yourself too. That's because undiluted tea tree oil is toxic if you ingest it, even to humans.

Calling an exterminator, sleeping with the light on, putting baby oil on after applying alcohol, tying your hair back, saturating bed legs with petroleum jelly or tea tree oil are a few ideas. The best cream or lotion or gel to use against the bites and itch is the Benadryl spray or anything with diphenhydramine as the main anti-itch ingredient.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has numerous uses. However, some of the most popular uses include using Tea Tree Oil for insect bites and to make insect repellent. How Does It Work? When you apply Tea Tree Oil on insect bites, it will help reduce the pain. If the affected area is swollen, the swelling will also reduce drastically.

Scents That Bed Bugs Hate - Available Ideas
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