Travel Bed Bugs Spray

Guide to Bed Bug Repellents: Home, Office & Travel Protection

EcoRaider is a line of natural and non-toxic insect sprays that effectively controls toughest insects such as mosquitoes, ants, roaches.

Take a travel spray bottle and bring your recipe with you on trips to use in hotel rooms - you never know where bed bugs will be hiding! The most effective way to utilize a homemade spray The benefit of a spray is that particles are evenly distributed in a small amount over a large surface area.

The bug spray you wear to avoid mosquito bites won't help you at all with bed bugs. You could purchase a small canister of bed bug spray, but it comes with downsides. Most sprays on the market don't kill bed bugs; they only repel them. That means the bugs will just hide in harder-to-find places.

Direct spray inside and outside of suitcase for protection. Directly spray on a hotel mattress with linens removed, bed frame, head board, base and legs of bed, couch, cushions, area under cushions or any dark spot where bed bug may occur. Spray at lest 1-2 hours before sleeping. A 2 OZ bottle is good for treating one bed.

So, if you have or even travel be exposed get Say Bye Bugs and spray everything. I'm talking about baggage and other types of luggage you have used after a trip. Spray your luggage outside before bringing it into your home. I know you probably think that I am a bed bug paranoia freak.

Bed bug spray is an insecticide based spray that works great for bed bugs that you can see and spray directly, but has no effect on the majority that you can't. Most of the sprays will kill bed bugs that come into direct contact within a few minutes.

Guide to Bed Bug Repellents: Home, Office & Travel Protection
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