Treatment For Bed Bug Bites On Face

How to Identify and Treat Bed Bug Bites: Doctor-Reviewed Advice

Oral antihistamines and steroid creams can be used in treatment regime. These medications will help to ease the itching that is associated with the rash. It is important to remember not to scratch the bites. Scratching the bites ONLY MAKES THEM ITCH MORE and does have the ability to cause a secondary skin infection.

Use soap and water to clean and rinse the bite and the skin around it. Do this at least once per day until the bite is gone or it develops a scab. Use an ointment.

If you do not have any signs of an infection or a serious reaction, you can often treat the bites at home. To treat bed bug bites: Wash the bites with soap and water. This will help prevent a skin infection and help reduce itchiness. If the bites itch, apply a corticosteroid cream to the bites. You can get a weak form of this medicine without a prescription at your local drugstore.

For remedies, Dr. Bishop suggests trying peppermint oil: "It works by two mechanisms—the peppermint oil is a vasoconstrictor (blood vessel constrictor), which lessens the pain and irritation

Bed Bug Rash Treatment Antibiotics. This comes when your rash becomes redder and then infected. Over the counter medications. The commonest ones are anti-inflammatory ones like hydrocortisone. Calamine lotion. This is a remedy that has been used for long in the treatment of bed bug rashes. Ice

Discover how you can get rid of bed bug bites, scars or marks on your skin fast. What are the best solutions for bed bug bites and the marks they leave? This page presents, pictures, signs and symptoms of bed bug bites. Furthermore, it highlights how to remove and prevent them with medical treatments and home remedies.

How to Identify and Treat Bed Bug Bites: Doctor-Reviewed Advice
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