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Where do bed bugs hide? - D.A.L. PEST CONTROL

Majors & Fields of Study at University of Kentucky. University of Kentucky offers 104 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 86 majors within 24 broad fields of study. Across all areas of study, University of Kentucky awarded 4,920 undergraduate degrees in 2017 - 2018.

Now, new research from the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has revealed findings about the financial impact bed bugs can have on the travel and hospitality

(Other possible sources of irritation that may be mistaken for bed bugs are discussed in University of Kentucky entomology fact sheet ENT-58, Invisible Itches: Insect and Non-Insect Causes). A common concern with bed bugs is whether or not they transmit diseases.

The University of Kentucky's dormitories are overbooked, with about 400 more applications for housing than there are available beds. The university is working to make room for the record number of

Rollins Inc. Collaborates with the University of Kentucky on Fundamental Bed Bug Research Study Rollins Inc., a nationwide consumer services company (NYSE: ROL), today announced a major partnership with the University of Kentucky to conduct extensive bed bug research.

UK research: Bed bugs 'bite' the wallet of hotel owners. UK entomologist Michael Potter, a Provost's Distinguished Service Professor, teamed with Agricultural Economics Professor Wuyang Hu, and doctoral student Jerrod Penn, in the Department of Agricultural Economics, to conduct this research. Very little was known about the economic impact of bed bugs prior to the study.

Where do bed bugs hide? - D.A.L. PEST CONTROL
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