What Do Bed Bugs On A Bed Look Like

BedBug-molts Are these from Bed Bugs? Jennifer Little Flickr

We receive many questions from our readers about bed bugs and other bugs that look similar to bed bugs. Most commonly asked question is 'I have tiny bugs in my bed that aren't bed bugs but look a lot similar, and what should do about them?'.The fact is that indeed there are many bugs that look similar to bed bugs.

Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed (4-5 mm in length). They have segmented abdomens with tiny, colored hairs that give them a striped appearance. Their antennae are shorter than their legs and have four segments. Bed bugs do not have wings and must crawl to get around.

No one wants a case of bed bugs, so spotting bugs that look like bed bugs or unidentified bites on your body often incites panic.Because bed bugs are so small and elusive, they can also be difficult to identify. Our pest specialists can help you determine your particular pest problem and craft a solution to bring you peace of mind.

A Look at Bed Bug Look-Alikes. The IPM Institute of North America has a review of five commonly encountered pests, including bat bugs (pictured), that can be misidentified as bed bugs. much like a bed bug. However the cockroach nymph is more like the shape of a cylinder, whereas a bed bug is

Ever wonder how bed bugs look? Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown with long, oval-shaped bodies about the size and shape of an apple seed.

They also like to camp out behind the headboard, behind any pictures on the wall, and in any electrical sockets. Adult bed bugs are about the the size of an apple seed and are very flat from top to

BedBug-molts Are these from Bed Bugs? Jennifer Little Flickr
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