What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel

How Do You Know if You Have Bedbugs? Reader's Digest

Signs For The Presence of Bed Bugs. Bed bugs are commonly present in low-cost hotels especially those with old buildings. Therefore, we as budget travellers who seek a cheap hotel should always search the room for bed bugs. You might not find any when you arrive at the hotel but you might discover them the following day.

If you find bed bugs in 1 outlet, you must check the other rooms in your house or hotel. 3 Look under lamps, toys, or clocks in the room. Although bed bugs usually prefer to hide where people rest for long periods of time, they'll also hide around objects in your room.

If you find any signs of bedbugs, call the front desk to alert them and ask to be moved to a room far from your current one, advise the University of Minnesota experts. Store your belongings safely. Once you're satisfied your room is bedbug-free, cut your risk for bringing home a stray by keeping your suitcase on the luggage rack and as far

1st, enter the name of the hotel, apartment or location into the search box at the top of this page. If there have been reports of bed bugs, the search results will pull that information from our database and display it. If you don't receive any results, then try your search again, but narrow the search to something like just the street address.

If you have already spotted bed bugs in your hotel and want to immediately treat your items, you may choose to use hot water to wash your belongings. You can even use a hair dryer to add some heat to kill the bed bugs.

Bedbugs may live up to a year without feeding, so keep the cover on your mattress for at least a year to make sure all bugs in the mattress are dead. Repair cracks in plaster and glue down peeling

How Do You Know if You Have Bedbugs? Reader's Digest
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