What To Do If You See A Bed Bug On Your Bed

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Nevertheless, it's a good idea to act as if you may have picked up a stray bed bug or two. The most likely place to pick up bed bugs in luggage is on, or next to, the bed. If you kept your luggage away from the bed, say on the luggage rack in the closet, your risk will be lower.

Bites on your skin are the first sign of a bed bug infestation. If you have unexplained bug bites, especially first thing in the morning, you might want to start checking around for other signs of an infestation. Check your mattress for the visual signs of bed bugs. If you have them, you may see red or rust-colored stains, indicating crushed

If you suspect there are bed bugs in your hotel, take a picture with your cell phone to show the hotel manager. Don't expect any bed bugs you see to stay in one place while you call down to the hotel staff; they crawl about as fast as ants and like to hide.

If there are bed bugs in your room, you might be wondering how to treat bed bug bites and eliminate the pest. Learn how to perform a DIY check today. For functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

If you have detected a bed bug infestation within your home, contact a pest control professional to discuss treatment options. Bed Bug Control Cimex lectularius L.

Storing stuff under the bed gives bed bugs many new places to hide. This makes it more difficult to get rid of bed bugs. Do not move things from room to room. Moving your things from the room with bed bugs to another room in your house may spread the bed bugs. Do not wrap items in black plastic and place in the sun. It will not get hot enough to kill all the bugs. Things You Can Do if you Think You Have Bed Bugs. Make sure it is a bedbug; see "Have I found a Bed Bug?" Contact a Pest

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs • Connect Nigeria
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