What To Do With Bed Bugs On Clothes

How to Move Without Bringing Bed Bugs With You

Bed bugs can travel through peeling wall paper, electrical outlets, and practically any other opening in a wall. If your neighbor has an infestation, you should treat for bed bugs right away. Now that you know what causes bed bugs to infest your home, let's look at ways to prevent bed bugs. How can you prevent a bed bug infestation?

Crickets are not commonly thought of as an insect that eats holes in clothes. They do not attack clean clothes. However, they find body soil, food and beverage stains, and laundry starch very attractive. The cricket will eat the remains of the stain and during its feast will often cut the threads of the fabric.

A better way to use heat to kill bed bugs is to apply a steamer directly to clothing, or using a specially-made bed bug heater. My favorite way to heat household items to a temperature that is sure to kill all bed bugs and eggs without needing to purchase expensive pest control heat treatment is to use a ZappBug Heater , which is specially designed to kill all stages in the bed bug life cycle.

Spray Clothes With Rubbing Alcohol Spray colorfast infested clothes with rubbing alcohol immediately upon identifying a bedbug infestation. The rubbing alcohol will kill live bedbugs on contact, however, it will not eliminate eggs or get rid of the infestation.

Do you have to Wash Your Clothes if you Have Bed Bugs? Yes, you can definitely wash your clothes if you think they are infested with bed bugs. But, you should expose the cleaned clothes to hot air to kill the remaining bugs.

I'm preparing for my first treatment. I have a lot of clothes but I only wear about half of them right now (because the other half is fall/winter clothes such as sweaters and pants). Do I need to wash absolutely every article of clothing I own and zip loc bag it all? Or do I just wash all of the clothes I'm regularly wearing?

How to Move Without Bringing Bed Bugs With You
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