Where Do Bed Bugs Molt


Nymphs. These young bed bugs, or nymphs, pass through five molts before reaching maturity. Although nymphs appear similar to adults, they are smaller in size and are not yet sexually mature. Young nymphs are also yellow-white in color, while older nymphs and adults are reddish-brown. In order to complete a molting stage,

Adult bed bugs do not molt and will not grow anymore. This is the stage where a bed bug is able to breed. Usually, an adult bed bug can live for two to four months. However, sometimes they can even survive to up to a year.

The larger the infestation of bed bugs, the more casings you will find lying around. Most molted casings are in areas where bed bugs gather together in groups. Given that bed bugs are more likely to group together than go out on their own, casings may be anywhere throughout your living space.

To molt and move on to the next life stage, bed bugs must ingest a blood meal. Among the bed bug facts you should know, this one should really grab your attention—after all, the blood meal comes from you! While you sleep, the growing bed bugs come out to get the meal necessary to keep growing.

Bed bugs must molt five times before becoming fertile adults. Immature bed bugs must take a blood meal in oreder to molt to the next instar. Bed bugs must take a blood meal before molting to the next stage.

Orkin Entomologist Ron Harrison, Ph.D. answers frequently asked questions about bed bugs including: What do bed bugs look like, and what do bed bug bites loo

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