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Many factors have been suggested as the causes of this bedbug epidemic, such as an increase in immigration and international travel, the banning of many powerful pesticides, changes in pest control practices, little awareness and knowledge of and limited experience in controlling this pest, and pesticide resistance.

Jun 21, 2017 · Bed bugs disappeared for 40 years, now they're back with a vengeance. Here's what to know. Bed bugs, for decades, existed as myths, part of a rhyme our parents told us before bed. Now they've made an unwelcome return and those who know the buggers best say it's high time we start taking them seriously.

There's also the stigma — many high-end New York residences, for instance, keep their bed bug infestations secret to avoid embarrassment. But why are bed bugs back? Though they've been sucking humans' blood since at least ancient Greece, bed bugs became virtually extinct in America following the invention of pesticide DDT.

bed bug, bed bug epidemic, bed bug infestation, bed bug pest control, bed bugs, bed bugs in missouri, bedbugs, st louis bed bugs Bed bug infestations happen more often than you would like to think. Because of the ease with which these pests spread, it has been said that there is in fact a bed bug epidemic in full swing in the United States.

Oct 21, 2010 · New York City is under attack from a mass infestation of bedbugs that is leaving a trail of itching, sleep deprivation and panic in its wake. Having been raised on all these celluloid enactments

Tiny bloodsucking bedbugs have become an epidemic in New York City over the last decade. The little pests have invaded even the cleanest and most expensive apartments in neighborhoods around Manhattan.Here's everything you need to know about bedbugs in NYC.

Bed Bugs - ThermaPure
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