Why Do Bed Bugs Only Bite Me And Not My Husband

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Sand fly bites appear as a small, swollen, blotchy patch which is a vivid red. Some individuals may suffer an allergic reaction which results in severe itching and may also produce purple and red welts around a cluster of bites. For most people the bites take a day or two to heal,

It is also very possible that if they ARE bed bug bites, your boyfriend might not react to them, so you wouldn't see the bites at all, nor would he itch. I would treat the cat for fleas first, just in case (and it's a good idea anyway), then see how things go and keep inspecting your bed in the meantime.

There are several reasons that fleas are perceived to bite only certain people. Some individuals do not taste good, and others do not emit signals that a food source is near by.

I thought maybe it was bed bugs so i threw away my mattress last night but STILL got bit while sleeping on the sofa. Ive searched my whole room for the bugs including the seams of the mattress but for the life of me cannot find anything. These bugs ONLY bite me for some reason and i live in a house with 4 other people.

Small itchy lumps that then go flat, turn red about the size of a penny. It seems to be happening overnight but its only affecting me. Husband is fine and two kids who regularly end up in the bed are nibble free. As we recently moved house (with our furniture in storage for a week) I was worried that my bed had picked up bed bugs in transit.

How to Stop Bed Bug Bites Immediately. Bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem worldwide. They can invade any type of home and are not indicative of the cleanliness or dirtiness of a home. They are also notoriously difficult to get rid

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs (COMPLETE GUIDE)
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