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Fly Killer Spray Bundle 8 - Pestcos

The ELF 128 oz. Ready-to-Use Natural Bed Bug Spray is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and odor-free. This comes with 10 in. d x 10 in. w x 11 in. h. It is safe to use around people, pets, hospitals and hotels.

The UK's No.1 Supplier of Bed Bug Killer Products! Being bitten while you sleep? If so, you most likely have a problem with bed bugs. Pcs.com Ltd supply everything you need to stop bed bugs biting and help you rapidly eradicate a bed bug infestation in your home or business without the cost of calling in a professional pest controller with our bed bug killer products.

The level of the room's cleanliness may well be below par, but instead of vacating the room, you can rid your hotel room fast of these nasty, serial biters with the travel size Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider. The bed bug spray comes in a very handy 2oz (60ml) bottle, and it can kill adult bed bugs and their eggs fast!

This bed bug killer has Eco-friendly, organic and safe ingredients that kill lice, mice, and bed bugs among other insects. The most consumers of this product include nursing homes, hotels, homeowners and pest control professionals to eliminate the said insects upon contact and for continuous killing.

Quickly and effectively solve your bed bug problem with the eco-friendly Bed Bug Killer. This non-toxic formula features all-natural ingredients like soybean oil and cinnamon oil. These organic ingredients are safe for use around humans and pets and also won't stain fabrics.

Shop for Bed Bug Killer Products > Follow-Up Bed Bug treatments. It is vitally important to carry out follow up Bed Bug treatments, as, even if no further infestation is evident, there will still be eggs that have not hatched. By the time such eggs hatch the chemical strength will have depreciated and may not kill emerging instars.

Fly Killer Spray Bundle 8 - Pestcos
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